She’s honest, loves babies and parents, and loves a good deal!Chris

As brand new parents, we were overwhelmed with the amount we needed to learn in order to prepare for the arrival of our little girl. Fortunately for us, my wonderful wife Kari discovered a hidden passion for researching everything and anything having to do with the health, safety and care of infants and babies.

Her knowledge helped us a bunch, but soon was helping others, as well. I was quickly amazed at how many text messages and emails she was responding to from other new moms asking her advice. Even in the baby stores, she would find joy helping a bewildered mother-to-be make sense of all the different stroller options.

The reality is, however, not all parents have the time, energy, or even the interest to sift through all of the information and products out there. That’s why we created Beginning Babies.

Beginning Babies is a place for new parents to come and benefit from our (Kari’s) research on all this stuff. She’s honest, loves babies and parents, and loves a good deal!

Obviously, not all parents and babies are the same, so there will be trial and error in every situation, but hopefully the information posted here will give you a great starting place.

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Hi, Internet World! I’m Kari and I’m married to the incredibly hard working and handsome (if I do say so) brains behind this operation. And by brains, I mean to say that I did not have any desire to figure out the ins and outs of website creation. I’m a mom! I barely have time to wash my hair, let alone learn a new job.

Honestly, I can’t believe we are doing this. Scratch that. I can’t believe I am doing this. But Chris, well…I guess I’m not that surprised. When my husband started learning about building websites, he kept relaying to me that he wanted to make a site that would help people and that he knew something about.

For those who don’t know Chris, he is one of those men whose mind is working all the time. ALL of the time. And he loves to learn. Considering he works a full time job as a preventive health care doctor, is involved in our church as a volunteer and a board member, and is a very present father and husband, I couldn’t believe he wanted to add something else to our lives. When he saw the opportunity for me to be involved, I was a bit humbled. And then excited! I really do love talking about my favorite job to date –parenting and motherhood.

I’m a previous full time dental hygienist turned full time house wife and mom. So you can imagine, with our preventive health care backgrounds, the idea of helping other overwhelmed new-parents-to-be navigate all the craziness that comes with bringing a little blessing into the world is appealing.

So here we are, trying to help you be as proactive as possible (rather than reactive) at a time in your life where you will be tired – which is just part of parenting (but only a little bit of it). In reality, there is so much joy to be had. Let us help you by narrowing down the mega baby stores’ must-have lists and millions of books and how-to lists into something simple.

Just remember that I don’t claim to know it all or be an expert. But I’d love to tell you what I’ve learned so far and I hope that you are encouraged by it. And congratulations on bringing new life into this world!


He wanted to make a site that would help peopleKari