In Clean by Chris

Bathing an infant can be a little nerve-racking, especially when they are very small. Fortunately, because they’re small, it’s a pretty quick job. Here are a few tips on bath-time routine and products. 

How Often?

Newborns can be wiped down with a cloth and don’t need real baths.  Once they are about 4-6 months and they are making more of a mess of their meals and getting into things, daily baths are more appropriate (and can also be integrated into the bedtime routine – which is what we do). You probably don’t need to wash their hair every day, though. We found that 1-2 times/week is plenty, if your baby has hair.

What do I need?

What’s the Routine – With Hair Wash?

  1. Fill the sink/tub with warm water and use the temperature indicator toy/device to be sure it is “just right.”
  2. Also fill your rinse bottle with clean, warm water.
  3. Put baby in water – and ALWAYS keep eye on baby.
  4. Use the clean water of the tub to wet hair.
  5. Lather hair with baby soap.
  6. Use the rinse bottle to rinse hair.
    • Use a small towel or washcloth to dry the hair a bit immediately and then comb through the tangles
  7. Allow baby to play while gently cleaning all parts with the now-soapy water – not forgetting behind the ears.
  8. Use Q-Tips to gently clean the outside of the ears and the opening of the ear canals.
    • TIP: use a finger braced against the side of the baby’s head so that if baby jerks, your hand moves with them and you don’t inadvertently push the Q-Tip in too far.
  9. Brush teeth/gums using baby toothbrush/toothpaste. (The sooner you start this, the easier future hygiene will be.)
  10. Make sure all suds are rinsed off and remove baby from water – immediately wrapping in dry towel.

What’s the Routine – No Hair Wash?

Basically the same as above, except instead of using the hair lather as soap, I put a pump of baby wash in the tub while it’s filling to get it slightly sudsy – and skip steps 4, 5 and 6.