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Before we get to the bottles, a little advice for those who are planning to mostly nurse your child:

  • Wait until 2-4 weeks before introducing a pacifier or bottle. But, don’t wait too long to start or they may refuse any bottle because they will only want mom.
  • Stick with slow-flow bottle nipples if you plan to continue to nurse – or your baby could start to prefer only the bottle. See the video below for technique also.
  • If you plan on having anyone else feed your baby at some point, consider feeding one bottle/day to your child so that he/she is used to it and won’t refuse to eat without mom there.

Ok, on to bottles. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which bottle or brand to get. Some babies are picky with bottles and some aren’t. You won’t know what your baby likes until you try a few. So don’t make a common mistake and buy a value-pack because it was on sale. If your baby doesn’t like it, you’ll get stuck with bottles you can’t use. Instead, register for a variety or borrow friends’ to try. Medela makes these amazing and easy to use quick steam bags that sterilize bottles in the microwave in less than a few minutes.

Don’t commit to a brand or bottle too soon!

Some things to keep in mind with bottles/nipples:

  • Watch out for your baby’s ability to collapse the nipple. You don’t want that. It makes feeding slower and is more frustrating for you both. It can also confuse your baby.
  • Does your baby seem overly fussy or gassy after a feeding? He/she might be getting too much air.

We tried about 5 different bottles and found that Dr. Brown’s worked best for our daughter in flow and in reducing gas bubbles. Too bad for us as they are a little more annoying to wash – but they were worth it.

Speaking of cleaning bottles, a few items will make it much easier:

I do think it saves valuable time to have a bottle warmer. It is a luxury, not a must have. But you can find relatively cheap bottle warmers from many different companies. Some people prefer to have the warmer that goes with the particular bottle they are using. We just got a cheap one that fit universally for us by Gumdrop.

Finally, this video is helpful in teaching you the proper way to bottle-feed your breastfeeding baby. It also helps them to learn how to gauge when they’re full. It’s called paced bottle feeding.