In Wear by Kari

As fun as it is to dress your sweet one up in pint size vests and jeans and mini-me outfits, the reality is that most newborns go through around 3 outfits a day – and that’s if you don’t have a major spitter. So ease and practicality are key.

The essentials for a newborn:

  • footie sleepers/pajamas
  • onesies

These are easy, cozy, warm, can be worn around the clock, and there are fewer pieces that can be removed quickly for the occasional, but inevitable blow out or spit up. You cannot have too many of these.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re going to have a baby shower(s), you will likely get lots of clothes – some wanted and some not. So try not to go overboard purchasing a lot yourself.

Additional advice on materials & sizing:

  • terry cloth sleepers hold their size the best (don’t shrink).
  • cotton and fleece ones tend to shrink
  • Gymboree, some Gap, Osh Kosh B’Gosh and some Target versions of brands tend to be shorter and wider if you’re baby is shaped that way.
  • Carter’s tends to be narrower in the shoulders and skinnier.

Other Ways to Save

Consignment stores such as Once Upon A Child can be a good place to find lightly used clothes. Our church does a kids’-clothes-exchange where parents can freely donate or take what they need.

These are good ways to outfit your child for cheap. You might be surprised, though, at how much damage an infant can do to a nice sweater or pair of jeans… so, even “lightly-used” may come with some questionable stains.