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For crying out loud, WHY are cribs so expensive? Seriously, $700+ for a bed my child will be using for only a few years. Save yourself and don’t invest in a crib that is so expensive. And watch out for the transitional cribs. You might be thinking, “but it becomes a full size bed!” Well yes, after you’ve purchased all the additional converter pieces. The toddler rail alone could easily cost an additional $100. Not to mention, it’s probably a lot cheaper to get a twin mattress vs. a full size. If you want it, that’s one thing. But ultimately, I think this is a place you can save a lot of money.

We went with a Delta Crib from Babies R Us. It is simple and you can almost always get it for 15-25% off with different sales or coupons. So don’t ever pay full price for cribs at Babies R Us and always compare prices with Amazon. Sometimes items are cheaper in-store, and sometimes online.

Don’t pay more for a crib with a changing table attached, either. If you’re going to be using a dresser that is near waste high, you don’t need a changing table. You can attach a changing pad to the top of your dresser and use the top drawer for diapers and changing items. Saves money, space and clutter.

Ultimately, you can get a very practical and cute crib for $150-$200 full price.

Additional Crib Items:


I’d make sure to get a good, waterproof, firm mattress. Firm mattresses are recommended for safety and preventing SIDS. Ours works great! And is a trusted name brand.

Mattress Pad Covers x 2

You would also do well to get some fitted, waterproof mattress pad covers. We’ve easily survived with 2. If one is dirty, put the clean one on, and go wash the dirty one. So you always have a clean one ready.

Sheets x 2

The only other crib items you need are sheets. You get to have some fun here, but try to think about potential gender neutral sheets. The good news is this doesn’t limit you to green and yellow anymore! There are so many varieties. I did read an article at one point that said brightly colored or patterned sheets can be a source of arousal for a learning and curious baby. It could lead to playtime in their crib instead of sleep time. This is just something to consider.

Optional: Bed Skirt

If you want to hide anything under the crib, get the skirt, but this is not necessary.

NOTE: Bumper Guards are NOT recommended due to safety concerns, and they are not necessary. Crib slots are closer together per regulations than they used to be. You can either trust me on this, or read this recent article.

Save yourself added expense or potential risk and skip any other crib additions.