Diaper Rash

In Clean, Heal by Kari

You will almost inevitably deal with some type of diaper rash, no matter what type of diaper you use. I have 2 words for you. Butt Paste.

When it comes to knocking out stubborn diaper rash quickly, their maximum strength diaper rash cream is a miracle worker! It’s made with 40% zinc oxide and would knock our daughter’s rashes out within 2-3 days max. Sometimes even in 1 day! We never use it daily, we only use it when there is a rash to deal with. Otherwise, daily preventive diaper rash creams can be less costly and is preferred when baby is likely to be exposed to a wet or dirty diaper for a prolonged period of time (like night). Just keep this 40% maximum strength stuff on hand.

I would recommend baby powder (talc-free) for boys or for warmer climates. Always making sure to avoid the “puff” around baby so they don’t inhale it. Oh and for newborns, plain old Vaseline works amazing when their skin is in the sensitive stage. It also helps to create a barrier so the early meconium poops wipe off a lot easier.