Hospital Bag

In Prepare by Kari

I remember reading a bunch of lists and articles on what to pack in your hospital bag on Pinterest when the time came to have my bag prepared. And let me tell you, I ended up bringing a suitcase, not a bag. Ha ha! So here’s the thing. If it is going to make you feel more comfortable to have a lot of your own stuff with you, then do it. Remember, this is your time and you do want to feel comfortable. That being said, I didn’t use 99% of the stuff I ended up packing. I used what the hospital had. I used their pads and hospital gowns and anything else that was there. I even used their diapers and blankets and hats for baby until it was time to leave. Then I got to put her into her “come home from the hospital outfit” which was an organic cotton sleeper with matching hat. It was seriously cute! *gush

Here’s a list of things to think about bringing in your hospital bag;

  • Music, electronics, entertainment (all in case you have a long labor with some down time. We don’t have cable so I was actually excited to turn on the TV in the hospital room for a great distraction). Chris was the one in charge of all things electronic/entertainment.
  • Camera/Cellphone (lots of people use their cell phone cameras these days, just make sure to bring your power cord!).
  • Blank cards for extra prints of baby’s feet. The nurses are happy to give you some extra prints after they do the original for you of your sweet one’s little feet. These make awesome future gifts and craft items.
  • Nursing tops or nursing pajamas. Things you will feel comfortable in and that are loose fitting. You will likely need 2-3.
  • Bathrobe and slippers.
  • Nursing pillow.
  • Breast pads.
  • Nipple cream.
  • Nursing cover optional. I mean, staff doesn’t care about that stuff and it can be challenging to maneuver around a cover when you’re first starting out nursing. I would not necessarily recommend it in the beginning. But do what makes you most comfortable.
  • Comfy clothes for coming home from the hospital for you and for baby. (Baby hat, front fastening newborn outfit, mittens, socks, blanket).
  • Car seat already installed into your car.
  • Snacks in case you’re not a fan of the hospital food. Snacks for your partner too! Just snacks.
  • Money for food/snacks! Most hospitals don’t provide food for your partner, only for you.
  • Anything from the list on the post about Postpartum Essentials. Please do check this!
  • Toiletry bag and makeup. (Consider those facial wipes to help cleanse your face without having to get up and to the bathroom because this can be challenging after you have your baby- vaginal or c-section).
  • Folder or binder to keep the load of paperwork you will likely receive while you’re there.
  • Insurance card.
  • Anything comforting from home like your own pillow or an essential oil diffuser. My husband brought our diffuser with some lavender for during labor (totally his idea) and it was really nice. Even the labor and delivery nurses ooo’ed and ahh’ed.

Also, I just want to give you permission here–if it’s not your thing, it’s 100% okay to not have any hospital visitors. Say what?! Yes, I said it! Even family. There will be what seems like a constant stream of people in and out of your room taking vitals, making sure you’ve got water, checking baby, mom, etc. Then add in the chaos of visitors in and out all while you’re trying to keep track of wet/dirty diapers, learning to nurse, bond with your baby, etc. It’s okay to have visitors if you want them, but consider letting people know ahead of time that you will call/text IF you are ready for a visitor. We ended up having just our parents come and Chris was awesome about setting up when and for how long for each set. Our parents were the best at respecting this and so so excited to meet our daughter. We wanted them there, but it was a lot when trying to establish nursing and dealing with everything that comes with delivering a baby. And being so emotional (hello immediate hormone craziness)! Hospital visitors are wanted and even needed by some- while others don’t care for them. Either way is okay because it’s your choice.

Now get ready to have your baby here soon!