Nursery Furniture

In Nursery, Prepare by Kari

Besides a crib, your nursery furniture can be pretty basic.


You will want a dresser to put clothes in and to put a changing pad on. Get this second-hand if you want to save additional money. Try to get one as close to waste high as possible for ergonomic reasons. 


You will want some sort of chair, where you will spend much time in. So make sure it’s comfortable to you. I would recommend one with an ottoman or one you can kick your feet up in. Pictures online aren’t as good as just going to the store and sitting in a bunch of them to see what fits you.


If you have a closet, consider some sort of storage situation for your closet space if you don’t already have something like that. A nightstand that matches your dresser is always nice to have, too, and adds more storage. (For books, toys, shoes, clothes, etc.)

Future Items

Future furniture needs might be a bookshelftoy box or additional storage place for clothes that baby has outgrown that you plan to keep for the next baby. Organizing all this now will make it a lot easier than trying to do it later with a baby.

Random reminder for registry! Put all items for your baby on your registry if you choose to register at Babies R Us. Even ones you are going to be purchasing yourself. Their registry rewards are actually awesome! We ended up with around a $300 gift card doing this.