Before you go any further, may we encourage you?

You are embarking on a crazy adventure that is going to fill you with wonder, adoration and awe – and also deep worry, insecurity and uncertainty. You want to be the best possible parent and provide your child with everything he/she will need to grow and have a wonderful life – and that can create a lot of pressure.

Even though this site is all about products, schedules and parenting tips, I want to remind you that YOU are the best possible parent for your child. Rich or poor, high school drop-out or master’s degree, no matter your circumstances, you have all you need to be the best parent for your child.

More than anything else, your goal is simple: love your child. He or she will never remember the toys, diapers, strollers, etc. that you fretted so many hours over, but they will know that they are loved – and that makes all the difference.

A disclaimer about this site…

It’s a little unrealistic to create a site that will give the perfect advice for every baby situation, every time.  In fact, I dare say it’s impossible. Every child, parent, and family situation is unique. Heck, sometimes a baby seems to become a totally different baby overnight! How do you plan for that?! So, we’re not perfect parents, and we certainly don’t know everything about babies and the myriad products out there. We’re just trying to help and offer what we’ve learned.

Recommended Resources to get you started…

There are several resources that we believe every busy parent should strongly consider utilizing:

Amazon Prime

Yes, it’s $99/year – but for the busy parent, the free 2-day shipping might pay for itself pretty quickly. Not to mention, you get the video streaming, e-books, photo storage, and more. We buy a LOT of baby stuff on Amazon.


This is a wonderful way to create and share a list of things that others can buy for your child – for Christmas, birthdays, or just for fun. It worked out very well for our family “Secret Santa” exchange as well. We highly recommend opening an account and sharing with family and friends.


Pinterest is a nice place to brainstorm and get ideas for nursery themes, parties, snacks and foods, etc. It’s a bustling hub of creativity. It does take time to go through, though, so some of you may love it, and some may not. Ultimately, some of the creative ideas we’ve found have saved us time and money.


Now head over to the posts to get more specific advice about topics of interest.