In Clean by Kari

It’s good to check price-per-wipe when hunting for deals. From our experience, the Pampers Sensitive wipes were slimy. I had a hard time wanting to spend a lot of money on wipes, so we ended up trying and using the Target¬†sensitive skin brand with no problems. They are a little thinner so sometimes you might need to use more than with the other brands. But I liked the idea of having a wipe that didn’t have a ton of ingredients in it. I think we put too much stuff on our bodies to be absorbed anyway. Honest Company’s worked great but were a ridiculous price. Huggies work well too but again, more expensive. This was one area where I was okay cutting back possible quality for cost. Target brand won for us. The sensitive skin ones work great on newborns.

Obviously wipes warmers are not necessary. But I found it to be useful simply for the fact that I didn’t have a loud plastic wipes bag to wrestle with, or the risk of it being left open and having my wipes dry out. The Prince Lionhart worked great for us, as long as you follow the directions for replacing the insert pillows.

Another product that I ended up getting from a friend that we really liked was the Honest Company’s Honest Soothing Bottom Wash. It’s a spray that really helps with the more messy poopy diapers and smells awesome. It lasts a long time too.